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Seed Funding

We provide an initial tranche of seed funding of SGD50K to SGD500K for a small equity stake, along with intensive mentorship and training. Startups will benefit from our guidance and programme, which is designed to equip entrepreneurs with tools and resources to launch their startup and take it to the next level.


We offer each accepted startup an initial seed funding, full-time incubation, intensive mentorship, office space and perks. We are well positioned to help startups grow and thrive with our network of mentors and investors who are committed to help startups launch and grow into strong, scalable and successful companies.


Get all the help you need. You will be making decisions after decisions and having the right guidance makes all the difference. Our network of entrepreneurs, captains of industry, senior industry representatives and government officials will definitely be helpful in your startup journey. Tap on the network for mentorship and advice.